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Monday, May 9, 2011

sad story from me :'(

today (9/5/11)
tomorrow (10/5/2011) .

my sweetheart will leave me for 2 years :'( i named he mushuk . mushuk will enter to National Service (NS) tomorrow . why 2 years ? because he's singaporean . he make me sad . so sad :(  i'm gonna miss u sayang :( everynight i cried . when i see ur picture while listening tis fucking sad music : 

yess , before i sleep , its look like a routine tat i must do it before i sleep . then i will cry . must cry :'( i dont know why am i so touched . yeah maybe because i love you fucking much . mushuk , u know what . i miss ur voice , i miss ur laugh , i miss ur tears when it drop at ur cute face , i miss when the the time u scold me , i miss when u sing a song , i miss ur pot pet pot pet , and i miss everything that u did to me :'( n now , im still crying . 2 years is too long . anything can happen . so im afraid that one day we will not as one :'( mushuk , i will always thinking of u no matter what happen . i will . hold my word . n now im going study in form 6 at sekolah dato' . yeah , i know u're very worry . because combined boys and girls rite ? but sayang , no worries . u must trust me . im loyal person :) mushuk , i will always keep ur shirt properly . n every night before i sleep , i always hug n kiss ur shirt . i love to smell it :) best . mushuk , i miss our moment tat we had webcam on the pc together , calling on the phone , texting , miscall when out of credit . hehe . so sweet :) n now , all gone . i must wait for 2 years to get back the memories :( so sad sayang . yeah im crying again n again :'( n i will not forget our night wishes . every night rite . like a must . hehe :) then it must be same all the time rite . haha . like cannot miss some word . haha . now u cant wish me . but i can wish u even u cant read :'( mushuk , seriously i cant live without u by my side :( i need u . now i cant share my problems/story with u , i cant scold u , i cant disturb u , i cant make u smile when u woke up in the morning , and i cant heard ur story/problems . mushuk , i love and miss u fucking much . . . 

kayh , i dont know what to say anymore :( thats all for me :( 

to my Muhd Huzaifah bin Mohd Rasid , taking care , dont be naugthy , listen to your leader/president , take ur body health , be a discipline boy , dont ever ever forget me , and keep our love in your heart . dont keep on ur mind . because easy to forget , but heart will not :( 

oh yah , before im going to leave tis entry . tis is one of our picture even it just edited :)

we love to do 'lidah lidah' n 'muncung muncung' :)
and this is the one i like . actually byk , but mls lah nak upload byk byk kan . tak perlu menunjuk :) tahu lah die handsome && cute :) wee .

and and this is me :) hehe , nak jugak upload kann . biasalah gedik kan :P
homaigod :( actually i got 1 pics that i did it with a sad face n hold my cell phone with a mushuk pics . but then i cant google where is it :( its okay , i'll find it soon .

okay bye bye :( 

lots of love,


SuperbHunnyBunny said...

be strong baby . i'll always with u :)

wifeynatasha said...

:( yahh , im try to be strong . thanks coz nak ada by my side :(

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