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Thursday, January 13, 2011


kehilangan . .

betul lah kan , org kate kehilangan boleh buat kite giler...
but in a sametime,die mmbuatkan kite mature...
mature dlm segi perasaan n kehidupan...
but sume org x same...
other people,other opinion...
4 me..hurm..
couldn't describe wif words la beb...fuh...
adekale..saket sgt nak melaluinyee...
adekale..ak cam mature sikit...
x sume org boleh lalu frasa nih dgn kuat...
first2 ak rase ZERO...kosong sangat...
but cpt2 ak ingat yg ak still got my backup...
i got family yg betul2 supportive...
i got friends yg betul2 happening n boleh nak dikatekan like a clown...
rase tuh pun da x de...

test undang2 jalan raya ^^,

dance means happy !

oke . ary ny i pergi test undang2 jln raya . ala 2nd step utk amik lesen kn . hee . test 2 kn ade 50 que . so i dpt 48/50 lah sey . mcm impossible .HAHA . yewla , first2 tuh takut giler lah kan . slme 5 hari berturut2 bace buku smpai larut mlm . mengalahkan SPM kn .HAHA . takut punye pasal . HAHA . time test buta warna tuh , ade salah 1 dari 10 que . tibe2 mase na click teruskan tuh , die tulis GAGAL .mak ai , mane ta tergugur kidney i nih nyah .HAHA . then die kasi extra que . ta sure lah brape . rase dlm 10 que kowt . then betul semua . wah ! mcm ta pcaye lah kan . tersusun balik kidney i di tempat asl nye nyah . HAHA .  oke , dgn banggenya i pun click lah teruskan . then die tanye lah que yg byk2 tuh . so , disebabkan i da bace buke till lewat mlm , i pn rase confident lah kan . so , i ans the que . before tuh , da selawat byk2 nyah . .HAHA . nervous nah . mcm na tunggu result naik jawatan PM lah pulak .HAHA . dude . so , tamat lah suda i ans 50 que tuh . FUHH , lega giler . then bole relax jup tuh . tngok2 budak left n right i .oke , diorang pun tersangatlah focus kn . ya , na pass pew .HAHA . then i pn click lah keputusan . check2 dpt 48 . mne ta melambung i dari kerusi . (ceh , nampak nah tipu ) HAHA . oke , after da siap , i pun keluar met clerk kt luar tuh . then die mintak ic . pastu die print out result i tuh . oke , dgn sweetnye , she said : oke , congratulation . u're pass . i said thanx . padahal da thu kt dlm tuh . HAHA . so dgn happy nye i mengKEPOHkan diri dkt daddy . biaselah kn , first time . HAHA . then da settle sume , i pegi tmpt driving school pulak. ckgu tuh na jumpe .then after dy pot pet pot pet , he said : wah . tahniah2 . bagus da tuh dpt 48 . da boleh bwk kete skrg . (sambil ketawa) . then i pun buat2 lah ketawa . HAHA . then die ckp lg , ari sabtu pukul 8 dtg sini . da boleh practical . so dgn banggenye ak pun ,WOW ! gempak tuh . ta percaye lah siel ak na drive . HAHA . n bla bla bla . THE END :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

: A STORY . . :

love & friendship . . .

One day , love and friendship met . . .

love asked , " Why do u exist when i already exist ? "

Friendship smiled and said , " To put a smile where u leave tears " .

for the lover . .

When the time come for you to give your heart to someone , make sure that you choose someone who will never break your heart . Once you hurt , it will be hurt forever . So , choose the best , among the best .


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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

some poem . .

enough said . surely i love u more . 
: miss zaireca

You might be just what i need
No i would not changed a thing .
Been dreaming of this so long
But we only exist in this song
The thing is , i'm not worth the sorrow
And if you come and meet me tomorrow
I will hold you down , fold you in
Deep , deep , deep in the fiction we live
I break in two over you
I break in two
And if a piece of you dies
Autumn , i will bring you back to life
Of course i see you
I do . . .


look at the picture . it really2 DAMN .

did we feel hurt with the presence of 'third person'??
that feel,make us feel pain...
but how could we avoid it...
if there is a 'third person' will,that relationship get destroyed?
i trust all that stuff...
i don't know laa....
her presence make me feel hurt...
but i just don't bother it...
enough said..leave it...

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wanna share some quote :

this text is about :

The word that best suits you is LOVE . You have a passion for the opposite sex , maybe even the same sex . Either way , you enjoy LOVE .  Whether it is from a GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND or someone you really care about . You need LOVE . Make sure you don't cross the line between LOVE and OBSESSION .


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today , boring n boring n boring . -.-

No plan . No idea . Blur .

For me , today is the worst day . boring yg teramat sgt . ta taw knpe . fikir dulu na abes school cpt2 . coz boring . but biler da abes school , boring na mampos lah siel . friends aku sume got a job . aku ? na keje pun susah . parents ta bg . hais . n now smpai na tulis blog nih pun no idea . so ak pn jadi blur lah kan . seriously mmg ta taw na ckp ape . i don't know what the fuck that i'm rambling about  . like budak bo-doh suda . so better diam lah . oke lah . na diam . is much better .

enough said -.-

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Sunday, January 2, 2011



my hair doesn't always stay in place and i spill things a lot .
i'm pretty clumsy and sometimes i've a broken heart .
my friends and i sometimes fight and maybe somedays nothing goes right .
but , when i think about it and take a step back , i remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe .
just maybe .
i like being unperfect .


                                                                                                        unperfect girl,
Copyright by Nur Natasha Najwa ♥ Mohd Huzaifah