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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Day You'll See :)

This poem reminded me that there are others out there that are struggling with the exact same things that I am :(   *chop chop ! actually , i am not in this situation :) for me , this poem grab me at the first line and move me to tears before I could even finished the poem. I could relate to every single word the author wrote I hope that day comes for both of us. I give this poem highest possible rating.                      
The first time I saw you,
I knew you were the one.
There was no question in my mind,
after having that much fun.

There's just something about you,
that I've never found before.
And now that we're good friends,
I find myself wanting more.

I never thought it possible,
to care for one so much.
But everyday that passes,
I long to feel your touch.

To look into your eyes,
would make my day complete,
cause every time you look at me,
my heart just skips a beat.

Everything I'd wished for,
every dream I'd hope come true,
I never thought would happen,
until the day that I met you.

I know that your not ready,
for the kind of commitment that I am,
but for you I'd wait forever,
there's nothing I can't stand.

Although it hurts to know,
that you don't feel the same as me,
hopefully one day you'll realize,
one day you'll wake up and see.


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